Apple has always been supper progressive, especially with their #Emojis! I don’t know about y’all, but I was hype when they came out with some black and brown-skinned #Emojis as well as those with Burkas for my Muslim bruvas and sistas.

Today the company has officially taken steps towards creating Emojis that are even more inclusive of all types of people! They have proposed 13 new emojis that people with various disabilities have. The proposed list will include an ear with a hearing aid, a person in a wheelchair, a prosthetic arm, a service dog and even a person with a cane.

“Currently, emoji provide a wide range of options, but may not represent the experiences of those with disabilities,” Apple wrote in the proposal. “Diversifying the options available helps fill a significant gap and provides a more inclusive experience for all.”

Apple noted that they specifically chose to start with emojis that are the most inclusive. The four main categories are blind and low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, physical motor disabilities and hidden disabilities.

Are y’all here for these Emojis?!

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