Sports fans show their support for their favorite athletes or teams in many different ways. Whether it is purchasing certain collector’s items, attending every single game or even placing a bet on a certain game.

However, one Michael Jordan fan decided to show just how much he dislikes LeBron James, by getting his infamous crying face photo tattooed on his right calf.

According to ESPN, Kalen Gilleese, from Salt Lake City, has been getting tattoos for the past 12 years. After the Cleveland Cavaliers recent defeat against the Golden State Warriors, he decided to get a LeBron tattoo that has everyone talking.

Gilleese said, “I think LeBron is in the top five of all time, but he’s not Jordan. I just get ticked off by everyone saying that he is. And I absolutely hate how LeBron flops.”

After the Cavs lost the Championship, Gilleese convinced his friend, Preston Schoole, who is also a tattoo artist, to give him his new Lebron tattoo.

Many people may wonder why would Gilleese tattoo an athlete he doesn’t like. Nonetheless, he seems more pleased with the reaction on the actual artwork itself. He said, “I’ve heard from a lot of people that have seen it. No matter what they think, they end by appreciating how well-done it is.”


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