#Roommates, the NFL season is in full swing  and the #ClevelandBrowns are just one of the many teams looking to make changes. Apparently after a hot start that has eventually turned cold, the NFL team has fired its head coach and is now looking elsewhere for new leadership!

Well look no further because it seems that the Browns reportedly want the former Secretary of State, #CondoleezzaRice as their head coach!

According to @ESPN, multiple sources have confirmed that the Browns’ general manager #JohnDorsey is open to hiring a woman as Cleveland’s next head coach and particularly would like to interview Condoleezza for the position.

Now an interview, is just that #Roommates. No word on whether she’s a front runner, but if chosen Condoleezza would be the very first woman in NFL history to be a head coach. Sis is actually already making history by reportedly being the first woman interviewed for the position.

If you’re still trying to find the correlation between Rice and The Browns, it seems she often attends their games and is said to “admire the team.”

Though Rice is most known for her role in the government, it would be very interesting to see if she can successfully transition into professional sports. Either way, we’re rooting for you!


Source: http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/25310452/cleveland-browns-want-interview-condoleezza-rice-head-coaching-job

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