Georgina Mompiere is a college student in San Antonio and was devastated when #HurricaneHarvey destroyed her family home in Friendswood, Texas. Her mother and brother were in the home and waited in an attic until they were able to be rescued.

Mompiere’s mom and brother later settled into a shelter at a church in Houston, where her mother struck up a conversation with a woman named Jaqueta Veltz she knew from the choir. They started talking about Hurricane Harvey, and how they lost their home and belongings. Suddenly, Veltz offered to let Mompiere’s brother and mom move into the very home she had just placed on the market!

“[She] said they could move in ASAP…like, the next day,” Mompiere said of Veltz. “She’s not rushing my mom on any deposits or rent. She wants my mom to get settled first. She even bought my brother a bedroom set.” Veltz even left some of the furniture behind so that the house could feel like a “home” considering everything they’d been through.

“I’m forever grateful for her,” Mompiere added, her voice cracking as she broke down in tears. “I’m honestly so thankful, I”ll forever be thankful,” she said. “It’s a big thing. No one just gives away their home like that. She left food in the fridge, furniture…it’s not anything you just hear of.”


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