The #DallasMavericks are doing it big to honor wounded U.S. troops at tonight’s game!

They’re going beyond some free tickets and a photo op. The team is flying in 120 soldiers and showing them love by giving them courtside seats along with a fancy four-course meal, according to @TMZ_tv.

The floor seats are valued at around $350,000. “Our annual Seats for Soldiers night is a reminder that we don’t get to enjoy the game we love without the incredible sacrifices our soldiers make,” said Mavs Owner #MarkCuban.

As y’all can tell by the event being an annual one, the team is true to this and not new to this when it comes to giving back to the troops.

This is the team’s 14th annual Seats for Soldiers night, and giving away floor seats is a gesture of their appreciation.

This meal they’re about to provide sounds amazingly delectable. The team says the night will start with a truckload of food at Nick & Sam’s in Dallas, where they’ll feed the troops a top notch steak dinner. The dessert offering will be a 7-layer cake.

Then the wounded soldiers will be taken to the American Airlines Center where Mark Cuban will hook up the men and women with some great seats for the Mavs’ game against the Utah Jazz.

The charity doesn’t stop there because in addition to the wounded troops sitting courtside, the Mavs said they’re also giving away more than 1,000 free tickets to veterans for tonight’s game.

“This game is one small way for the Dallas Mavericks and our season ticket holders to say ‘Thank You,’” Mark said, “and acknowledge the bravery of the men and women in uniform.”

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