#Roommates, do you remember #Shaggy, the man behind the hit song “It wasn’t me?” Well he’s giving back in a major way to the tune of $100 million through his foundation #ShaggyAndFriends!

The Bustamante Hospital for Children in Jamaica is now able to afford a new Intensive Care Unit thanks to his Shaggy’s efforts. Shaggy joined forces with other artists such as #WyclefJean, #Sting & #DextaDaps to put on a Charity concert. That, along with ticket sales, cooperate sponsorships, fund raising efforts and individual donations helped get them to the $100M mark.

In a statement about his accomplishment, Shaggy said: “What we are doing is helping a government-operated hospital, that’s all me a say. We are trying to make it easier for the Government and to ease a burden.” He also added: “The ICU is very small and cannot even hold an extra bed so we have to find a way to move forward. We are still going to need partners, which includes a good and affordable construction company. We also have 150 pieces of medical equipment to turn in but we need to have the building ready first”

Great to see Shaggy spread the wealth! We know this hospital will be a blessing for so many!

Source: http://jamaica-star.com/article/entertainment/20180202/boombastic-shaggy-foundation-meets-100-million-dollar-target

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