#Roommates, it seems #KodakBlack is out here trying to spread a little positivity! Recently, Kodak donated to the family of  slain officer named #TerrenceCarraway from Florence County Sheriff’s office who was fatally shot when a man ambushed him and 6 other officers when trying to serve a warrant to another man.

Kodak donated $2500 to the slain officer’s GoFundMe account under his legal name #BillKapri. Sources close to Kodak confirmed it was him and explained that Kodak donated because he felt the death of Officer Carraway “made a big impression” on him. Sources also confirmed that Kodak was especially upset at the thought of Officer Carraway’s family having to grow up without a father.

The goal for Officer Carraway’s GoFundMe is $60k. Since Kodak’s recent release from prison it seems he’s been in a very giving mood and is committed to showing a different side of himself. The news comes on the heels of Kodak also doing some great things during a recent school supply drive.

He’s also been putting a lot of his focus into his new music. His new song #ZeZe went viral before it was released. Showing him and Travis Scott in the video vibing to the island beat. We hope Kodak continues the path he’s on!


Source: https://theblast.com/kodak-black-donation-slain-officer-south-carolina/

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