It’s no surprise that our forever president still acts so presidential.

In the spirit of giving, Barack Obama paid an unannounced visit to the Greater Chicago Food Depository where he helped bag food for #Thanksgiving meals, according to @CNN.

He came through, sporting his Chicago White Sox hat, with bags of donated food. He had his gloves ready so that he could work side by side with volunteers at the nonprofit, which helps provide meals to more than 700 food pantries and shelters across Cook County, Illinois.

He also came with a squad of staffers from the Obama Foundation, which seeks to improve communities across the U.S. through leadership training and other educational efforts.

“We believe no one should go hungry, especially this time of year, and that’s why we’re working to address the root causes of hunger in Chicago and Cook County,” the food bank tweeted out Tuesday, along with a video of Obama’s surprise visit.

In the video, Obama encounters two little girls who are volunteering and tells them, “You guys are doing such a great job helping out. I’m really proud of you.”

Even though the Obamas still live in Washington D.C., he was in the Chi to attend the Obama Foundation summit. This was not the first time he has volunteered during the Thanksgiving holiday. The Obama family spent the day before Thanksgiving in 2015 serving dinner to homeless people and veterans at Friendship Place Homeless Center in Washington.

Obama’s presidency was marked by his dedication to combat hunger across the globe. In 2009, the Obama Administration pledged $3.5 billion over three years to a Feed the Future initiative, which works to promote agricultural knowledge and tools in areas with high food insecurity.

It’s great to see Obama remain dedicated to worthy causes!

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