#TSRPositiveImages: #Roommates, this is the type of news we love to see! There are 19 qualified queens running for judge in Harris County, Texas and they are all making history together!

The ladies are reportedly the largest number of African-American women ever to be on the ballot in Harris County. LaShawn A. Williams, who is one of the 19, wrote that she’s humbled to be a “part of a club of phenomenal Black women.”

“I’ve waited for the reveal of this photo of 19 judicial candidates for several weeks – 19 Black women running for judge in Harris County, Houston, TX. This entire time I’ve thought of what I’d say the day we were able to share this moment in history with everyone. But really I’m humbled,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Never did I imagine that the day I decided to run to be judge, I’d become a part of a club of phenomenal Black women, sisters-in-law, gifted, brilliant, strong – everything I hope to be! It is with great pride and excitement that I share this “Black Girl Magic” with you! Congratulations – you are truly black girl magic!”

Roommates, click here see all of the candidates, and be sure to get out to vote on November 6th!

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