Y’all know Papoose is known to spit a hot 16, which is why we weren’t surprised when he ripped his verse on “Back on My Bullsh*t” featuring Rick Ross and Jacquae. 

Pap starts off strong, and with a possible announcement!

“This summer I’m only ridin’ in convertibles, son. I signed to MMG–Money, Murder, and Guns. I knew Ross was official. I knew him a long time. ‘Cause he took off his shades so he can look in my eyes.”

Ross follows up with a verse speaking on his lengthy relationship with Pap’, only fueling fan’s anticipation of a solid confirmation.
“Met Pap in ’96, fresh off the bus residue in my raps from holdin’ dust. I didn’t wanna in case I made her touch her toes. We touchin’ money, but really who touch the most?”

Papoose heading to MMG doesn’t sound like too shabby of an idea. Would you be here for it, Roomies?
Check out the song below:

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