In case you thought securing furniture when there are children in the house was a joke, think again!

A set of twins, Brock and Bowdy were caught on a nanny cam playing in their room–climbing on a dresser.

Now the dresser looks like it only stands about two and a half feet tall but that didn’t stop the dresser from tipping when the boys made it their own personal jungle gym.

Anyways, when the dresser fell, it fell on the upper half of one twin and barely the bottom half of the other. As you can imagine, the one whose legs were bound broke free while the other wiggles helplessly to be released from the dresser.

The twin that broke free examined the situation and started trying things to come to his brothers rescue. The video got a little scary as the free twin’s thinking cap seemed to be loading a little slow but like with any miracle, God shows up right on time!

The free twin climbs over the dresser to try and pull it up–sadly he failed but once he crossed back over, he gave the dresser a few pushes and the his brother was free.

You have to watch for yourself; and remember to breathe while do so!


The free twin will probably forever brag about how he saved his brothers life from this day on–we don’t blame him!

Source: BET,–super-boy–dramatic-home-surveillance-video-captures-2-ye.html

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