A man was reportedly assaulted by Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue in Blue’s home while they were shooting for “Love and Hip Hop: Miami.”

An eyewitness told The Shade Room that Blue allegedly sucker punched his own friend who was helping Blue’s ex-fiancee, Michelle Carolus of the #DoubleDoseTwins, move her stuff out of their shared home. He allegedly caused the man injury because Blue was supposedly wearing a ring when he struck him.

The source, who is close to the couple, alleges Michelle recently called off their engagement and wanted to get out of their ASAP because Blue was physically abusive to her during their relationship. The source said Blue got upset that she wanted to leave and picked a fight with a man who was carrying Michelle’s things to her car, saying, “Let that b***h take her own s**t out.”

According to TMZ, the victim was left with a nasty gash and needed to go to the hospital for stitches. Cops were called but law enforcement sources said both men were gone by the time they got there and sources close to the production said VH1 crew members were present to shoot a confessional with Blue, but the cameras were not rolling when things got violent.

The source we spoke to added that Michelle has been trying to leave Blue for about two months after being together for about a year and a half.

The source also claims that Blue portrays a flashy lifestyle that he can’t afford on social media and that he’s thousands of dollars behind on rent. He dropped a shot of an eviction notice as proof.

“He’s a real life Bow Wow challenge,” the source said.

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