#TSRExclusiveDetails: #Roommates, we were the first to post #TreySongz and #LoriHarvey spotted together shopping out in Beverly Hills and it seems up until very recently #Trey was dealing with another woman other than Lori.

Now, usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire and there were rumors Trey was cheating on Lori with an adult actress named #Brittney. SO we had a little chat with Britt about the timeline of everything and she spilled some tea!

Brittney exclusively told us she found out about Lori through Future! Yes, Future. This is what happened, so after we posted the pics, Future took to his IG and said “you ducked too late.” Sis didn’t even know what he was talking about until she swiped left and saw those pics we posted.

She thought everything was all good between them, but little did she know, Trey had already moved on to Lori. So she cut him off with no explanation & sent us receipts of him still trying to figure out what’s good!? She said: “I think I was nothing to him. I was played like a fool. But I thought we were dating.”

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