So #Roommates, we know y’all have been keeping up with all the divorce drama going down between Tamar Braxton and estranged husband Vincent Herbert. From alleged abuse to a possible baby on the way, it’s been a lot going on but we hear Tay Tay isn’t letting the situation steal her joy. She’s rekindled with an old-fling from her pre-marriage days.

According to our source, he goes by the name Mr. Rikk and they started talking again once Tamar and Vince decided to split. He’s been holding her down on tour and helping keep a smile on her face. “She’s been happy, having great shows, and hasn’t been stressed out,” the source told us.

We also hear the relationship isn’t a secret, and this was the real reason Vince went off and ended up in jail on Christmas y’all.

Word on the street is Tamar and Mr. Rikk met back in the day when he was next-door neighbors to T.I. in Bel-Air. Allegedly Tiny introduced them and they had a cool little run but lost contact once Vince put a ring on it.

He has spent some time in prison, but hey, we can’t hate on happiness. Do your thang, Tamar

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