The Shade Room recently spoke with an Old Miss law student who recently documented a racist encounter from her friend’s property manager. The woman yelled racial slurs at the student and their friends and trashed the apartment they were in. She later called the police and blamed the mess on the students, but thankfully everything was caught on camera.

The student wishes to remain anonymous, but here is their account of what happened:

“A group of law students from Ole Miss University (black and white) gathered together on Friday night. Then around 10pm, the property manager of The Links apartments, who has always been rumored to be racist, bursted into my friend’s apartment and started cursing and yelling racial slurs at us.The woman also proceeded to trash my friend’s entire apartment and even pushed my other friend when she informed the property manager that we were law students.

Thank God she got everything on camera, because when the police came they were told to put their hands in the air as if they had done something wrong. The woman had told them that we trashed the apartment, but once the police saw the video they were absolutely speechless. Do not EVER live in The Links in Oxford, MS!”

Be careful, Roommates! Always find a way to document things like this just to cover your own butt!!

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