Hey, #Roommates! Yesterday, we reported to you guys that #KarlieRedd popped up on Ceaser from #BlackInkCrew and his new boo #Persuasian from #BadGirlsClub at a pool party last night. We have a little more details and video about what happened after the Love & Hip Hop star pulled up on her ex.

“So, after Karlie appeared like a wild Pokémon, she and Persuasian just stared yelling at each other and tried to fight! More specifically, Persuasian was trying to fight and Karlie was looking terrified,” the source told us. “Home girl even jumped in the pool to try and swim to Karlie, but God was on her side, because security wasn’t letting a fight go down.”

They continued, “Ceaser got fed up with the disrespect she was giving his girl and eventually jumped in and started reading Karlie for filth!! He told her that her lady parts had cottage cheese coming out and called her old, y’all!”

It turns out that this was the first day of filming for the show, so I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out, Roommates!

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