Eazy-E’s son Derrek Wright, who also goes by #E3 has been detained by Australian immigration. Upon arriving in #Brisbane for a tour stop, he tells us that border patrol found two joints and a small, yet unspecified, amount of #weed in his luggage. The rapper was immediately arrested yesterday and authorities cancelled his work visa, so he is no longer welcome for the next three years. 

Wright is upset that he is being detained in a country that doesn’t want him there but is even more upset that he is letting down thousands of fans. He took to his Facebook to apologize for not being able to perform. “SORRY 2 ALL MY FRIENDS AND FANS IN AUSTRALIA,” he said. “I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND ANY EVENTS I WAS SCHEDULED FOR. MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES.”

While being detained, immigration officials continue to ask whether or not Wright is Aborigene which is Australia’s indigenous group. It’s an act of racism and he urges his fans to petition for his release! Hopefully it can be in the next day or two. 

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