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Okay so let me tell y’all how this teenager from Omaha threw her newborn baby out the window and only got a slap on the wrist! And when I say newborn, I mean brand new.
According to reports, Antonia Lopez who is only 16-years-old birthed a baby girl Sept. 30th. Not too long after, threw her out of the apartment complex’s second-floor window, killing her. 
Her lawyer, Rebecca McClung claims Antonia only threw the child out because she thought it was still-born. 
Anyways, at first, Antonia was facing up to 20 years behind bars and was being charged as an adult with one count of felony abuse resulting in death but a court judge had other plans for her after moving her case to juvenile court. 
Friday, March 24th, Juvenile Court Judge Christopher Kelly ordered Antonia to be placed on probation, complete 50 hours of community service, delete her Facebook account, live in a group home, and take part in individual and family therapy. According to the Omaha World Harold, the judge was okay with moving her case “after weighing the teenager’s mental state, actions and lack of criminal record.”

Her lawyer says both Antonia and her mother are coping the best they can. She further claims that Antonia isn’t a risk — although officials have had a difficult time placing her in a home because–well–letting someone in your house who killed their own child is pretty risky, no? 
“She’s coping the best she can,” the lawyer said. “The mother is coping the best she can. The grandmother is coping the best she can.”
Antoinia will remain in juvenile detention until a home becomes available. 
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Source: Omaha World Herald, http://www.omaha.com/news/crime/judge-orders-omaha-teen-who-threw-baby-out-window-to/article_8121e9e4-10a4-11e7-a1ad-fb0344e26945.html
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