Now this is something you just don’t here everyday #Roommates! An escaped inmate must’ve been craving a home-cooked meal bad because he was caught trying to sneak trays of food, bottles of booze and other contraband back into prison!

According to NY Daiky News, a rancher working in a property near the Federal Correctional Complex in Beaumont told police that inmates from the facilty were escaping and using his land as their escape route.

The tip prompted police to set up cameras around the area in question.

Police saw a vehicle pull up on the property and drop a duffle bag off around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday. An hour later, an inmate was seen on camera running to get the bag, and then dashing back towards the prison.

By the time Joshua Hansen, 25, returned to the facility police were waiting for him with cuffs in hand.

Joshua never got a chance to eat any of the large trays of home-cooked food that were in the bag. There were also a three bottles of brandy, one bottle of whiskey, several bags of tobacco, packaged snacks and fruit up in there as well.

He was charged with escape and possession of marijuana. He could be looking at additional time behind bars over this scheme.

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