#TSRCoinz: Gucci belts and bundles are cool, but #Roomies can we talk about #realgoals and real #moneymoves for a sec? Now #JayZ taught us all about investing and building wealth on #444, and one of the best ways to put this knowledge into action is buying property! Owning a home is a goal many of us are still working on, but know that it IS achievable! #Roommates, check out these young families who’ve made it happen, and let it be motivation to keep striving for your goals!! 📷: @missbeal, @ke_da_don, @ellyobwaka, @danielgtherealtor, @cmcqueen__, @a_mcqueen_, @arogersjr, @super_mario_fit33, @thacatspajamas, @falesha11, @melbisa, @prettystartzy, @hisandhermoney, @tonybologna777, @mclaurinrealtygrp


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