NFL player Travis Kelce finally found love, #Roommates! The Kansas City Chief star previously chronicled his journey to find “the one” on a reality show called “Catching Klee.”

Two months after the show wrapped in November, the winner Maya Benberry announced that she was done with him.

When the news broke, Benberry stated:

“I made an announcement that me and Travis broke up, which we did. We are still good friends. There’s literally no love lost. If anything, I feel like right now the relationship is the best it is every been, because there’s no pressure, you know what I mean? So, he is focusing on football, I am focusing on my career and who knows what’s going to happen?”

Well, it looks like TV personality Kayla Nicole caught Travis’ eye because they’ve been dating for the last six months.

Travis broke the news on Instagram, announcing his new boo to the world!

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