#Roommates, now y’all know #Drake has no issues getting girls! And since he’s been off of his #AATTM tour, he’s been living his best life. Last night he was curtsied to watch his Raptors play and now he’s spotted with #StefflonDon on a date.

If you remember a few weeks ago, #Drake was on #StefflonDon’s IG Live flirting up a storm. Steff got on live to basically see if there were any potential suitors that would want to take her out and sure enough Champagne showed up & showed out! He even told her he’d color coordinate her wigs for her if she gave him a shot. If that’s not romance, I really don’t know what is! Hit the website to see photos of them together.

But anyway, needless to say his efforts must have paid off because they were spotted together a few weeks after the live. Now, this COULD be just a friendly date, but whew chileeee if you were sitting infant of Drake and he was hitting you with his “Drakeness” that’s hard to resist. We’ll keep you posted on what the tea here is!


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