“I didn’t realize that even after I received the title I would still have to explain myself, that there was still ignorant people out there who are asking me to prove myself,” the 22-year-old Senior Broadcasting and Journalism major said. “Just because I have straight hair and olive skin tone doesn’t mean I’m not black…I don’t have to look a certain way to be black.”

Well, even though ignorance still does love on social media, Rachael says many school mates did come to her defense.

“The beautiful thing about this is all the people her [at UT] who have come out and defended me,” she said. “It shows I have a beautiful support system here.”

Rachael’s older brother Gregory also stood up for his sister;

“Sunday, my sister Rachel Malonson competed in and won the Miss Black UT Scholarship Pageant. I am very proud of her and this great accomplishment but she has not been able to enjoy this moment. Since she has won the pageant there has been numerous comments concerning whether she is Black because of her skin tone and hair type. It sickens me that members of our Black community would attack their own because she is biracial(black). Our father is Black and hateful comments that question her race discredit our father and other Black fathers and black mothers who have biracial (black) children. Instead of hating each other, we should unite and uplift each other. The only way our Black community can become stronger is if we support and love one another rather than tear each other down. Other communities will support us if they see that we stand united. It starts with US. We need to stand united instead hating each other based on our appearance.” #united #mysister #bigbrother#missblackut #united #gregorymalonson#love #startswithyou #strength#rachaelmalonson

As for now, everything seems to be calming down but Rachael does hope that this dialogue does spark a teaching moment.

“I remember I felt so insecure because people didn’t understand who I was by my look,” Malonson said. “I’m confident in it now and see it as a unique trait where I’m able to teach people that not every black person (and) not every mixed person looks the same way.”


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