#TSRExclusive: #Roommates a petition to have the intersection where #NipseyHussle was tragically gunned down is now being renamed after him! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

We got wind that the Los Angeles city councilman will be naming that intersection after Nipsey, just days before his memorial service this week.

Speaking of his memorial service, in less than 30 minutes the free tickets were no longer available:

We’re so glad to see that Nipsey’s life will be honored through a street where he made sure to be a fixture in his community! Along with this new development, Nipsey’ music has also seen a huge surge. If you are familiar, he owns his masters and should greatly benefit his family.

We continue to keep his friends and family in our prayers!

Source: @destinationcrenshaw/ @mhdcd8)


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