The candidates to replace Price include Ossoff and several Republicans, former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, businessman Bob Gray and former state Sens. Judson Hill and Dan Moody. Most recent polls have shown Ossoff with roughly 40 percent of support, with the four Republicans trailing him holding more than 50 percent of the support, combined.

Ossoff has easily outraised his opponents. As of March 29, Handel raised about $463,000, Hill garnered about $473,000 and Moody about $108,000.

If no candidate in Tuesday’s election wins 50 percent of the vote, it goes to a June runoff. The top two candidates will advance regardless of party. Ossoff would face a much tougher task in a runoff, as support would likely coalesce around a Republican.

The high-profile contest, which some see as an early test of whether Democrats can flip Republican districts in the Trump era, has sparked the interest of outside groups, as well. It is one of four special elections in which a red seat is up for grabs, vacated by a Trump nominee.

Republicans held off the first major House challenge in Kansas’ red 4th District, as the GOP’s Ron Estes beat Democrat James Thompson by 7 points last week. Still, some Democrats are upbeat about the margin, as new CIA Director Mike Pompeo, whose nomination as CIA director opened up the seat, won the district by 31 points last year.


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