Trump has issued an executive order freezing federal workers’ pay in 2019, which was something he promised to do in an announcement he made earlier this year.

The move effectively wipes out a 2.1% pay raise that was set to take effect in January, according to @CNN. To add insult to injury, the move comes as hundreds of thousands of federal employees are expecting to begin the new year furloughed or working without pay because of this partial government shutdown over the funding for his proposed border wall.

Trump told Congress he planned to get rid of the scheduled 2019 pay bump for federal workers in August, saying that the federal budget couldn’t support it. In addition to the 2.1 % pay increase, the executive order also cancels a yearly adjustment of paychecks based on the region of the country where workers are posted, called the “locality pay increase,” that was also due to take effect in January.

The move does not affect a 2.6% pay increase for U.S. troops next year that was passed as part of the massive defense spending bill Trump signed in August.

Lawmakers could include a pay raise for 2019 in a spending bill to reopen the government, but as y’all may very well know, negotiations have been at an impasse over money for Trump’s proposed $5 billion border wall.

About 380,000 federal employees are on furlough and 420,000 are working without pay as the new year approaches thanks to the partial government shutdown.

In a letter to House and Senate leaders in August, Trump described the pay increase as “inappropriate.”

“We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and Federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases,” Trump wrote.

He also stressed that a pay freeze would not affect the federal government’s ability to attract qualified workers. He then cited his statutory authority to adjust pay out of “national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare.”

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