President Donald Trump continued to spotlight violence in Chicago during a meeting Tuesday with police union officials including Dean Angelo Sr., the president of the union for Chicago’s rank-and-file officers.

“I ask, ‘What’s going on in Chicago, right? What is going on?’ ” Trump asked early in the meeting. “There’s no excuse for it. There’s no excuse for it. I’m sure you’re asking the same question, ‘What’s going on in Chicago?’ “

Angelo and the eight other participants from the Fraternal Order of Police met with media outside the White House after the session. They said issues covered with the president included gun violence, the opioid crisis, sanctuary cities and the uptick in “ambush-style” attacks on law enforcement officers in the last two or three years.

Angelo said he welcomed the opportunity to speak about Chicago. “I just mentioned that the police officers want to work, and that we they need people to support police officers to go back to work so they can work toward stemming the violence in our city,” Angelo said.

Trump styles himself as a law-and-order president, and at his swearing-in he pledged to “make America safe again.” During Tuesday’s meeting he continued with that theme, telling Angelo and others: “I made a crucial pledge: We will always support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. I will always have your back 100 percent.

“Sadly, our police are often prevented from doing their jobs. In too many of our communities, violent crime is on the rise. These are painful realities that many in Washington don’t want to talk about. We have seen it all over.”


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