Donald Trump claims he was ‘so disgusted’ by lurid sex claims made against him in the controversial dirty dossier he is now afraid to shake hands with anyone.

The President-elect has reacted angrily to the release of a dossier which claimed he paid for a lurid sex act involving prostitutes on a Moscow hotel bed previously used by Barack Obama.

The 70-year-old billionaire branded the dossier compiled by former British secret agent Christopher Steele as ‘fake news’ and even accused CIA director John Brennan of leaking the document. 

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Donald Trump, pictured in his New York Office admitted he was now afraid of shaking hands with people following the allegations which were made against him in the dirty dossier, despite the fact the President-elect has described the document as ‘fake news’ and ‘made up’

He claimed the document may have been compiled by ‘intelligence’ suggesting it was highly unlikely that opponents within the Democrat and Republican party would work together in order to discredit him by hiring the same person to compile the dossier 

As Trump prepares to move into the White House, only 44 per cent of Americans believe that he has been handling the transition period well compared with 83 per cent for Barack Obama

Despite his rejection of all the allegations in the dossier, he admitted he no longer wants to shake hands with people as a result of the unfounded and unhygienic allegations.

In an interview with The Times, Trump claimed the British government should investigate the former MI6 agent who compiled the bizarre memo.

He said: ‘Well, that guy is somebody that you should look at, because whatever he made up about me it was false.’

Trump claimed it was unlikely that the Democrats and Republicans would work together and hire an agent to discredit him, as had been suggested

Commenting on the 35-page explosive dossier, he said: ‘When I just heard it – I ripped up the mat…. if I did that in a hotel it’d be the biggest thing – they’d have me on the front page of the New York Post, right?

‘And the other thing, I can’t even, I don’t even want to shake hands with people now I hear about this stuff – ugh.’

In a press conference the day after the dossier was controversially made public, Trump insisted the more lurid allegations could not possibly be true because he is a ‘germophobe’.

The spy behind the Trump memo

Chris Steele’s firm Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd was reportedly recruited to help Mr Trump’s Republican rivals

Christopher Steele was once MI6’s top spy on Russian affairs and lived in the shadows until being unmasked as the alleged author of the ‘dirty dossier’ on Donald Trump. 

Mr Steele was born in 1964 in Aden – his father was in the military – and grew up in Surrey before attending Girton College, Cambridge, and becoming president of the Cambridge Union debating society in 1986 – the same year in which Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was president of the Oxford Union. 

The 52-year-old joined MI6 after graduating from Cambridge where he was described as a ‘confirmed socialist’.

As a young intelligence officer in Moscow, he was frequently harassed by the KGB – once even complaining they had stolen his wife Laura’s high-heeled shoes from their flat.

Steele, 52, was described as a ‘confirmed socialist’ as a Cambridge student, circled in 1985 with, among others, DJ Paul Gambaccini (second from right, front row) and That’s Life star Chris Seale (front row, centre left)

The couple faced down Russian tanks after the fall of the Soviet Union and ‘highly capable’ Mr Steele went on to become head of MI6’s Russia desk – meaning he was one of the Secret Intelligence Service’s most senior spies.

It was no wonder he was considered hot property when he quit MI6 in 2009 to set up his own spies-for-hire firm, Orbis Business Intelligence.

Co-founded with another former MI6 officer, Christopher Burrows, it has earned £1million over the past two years and was instrumental in exposing corruption at world football body Fifa. 

The so-called dirty dossier states that in 2013 Trump hired prostitutes to urinate on the bed of the Presidential Suite at the Moscow Ritz Carlton, where he knew Barack and Michelle Obama had previously stayed.

It says: ‘Trump’s unorthodox behavior in Russia over the years had provided the authorities there with enough embarrassing material on the now Republican presidential candidate to be able to blackmail him if they so wished.’

The document states that Trump had declined ‘sweetener’ real estate deals in Russia that the Kremlin lined up in order to cultivate him.

The business proposals were said to be ‘in relation to the ongoing 2018 World Cup soccer tournament’

The dossier claimed that the Russian regime had been ‘cultivating, supporting and assisting Trump for at least five years’.

According to the document, one source even claimed that ‘the Trump operation was both supported and directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin’ with the aim being to ‘sow discord’.

The report claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin himself had endorsed moves to encourage ‘splits and divisions in the West.

The dossier was handed over to the FBI in August although the information was also passed from the former MI6 agent to John McCain through an intermediary. 

McCain then handed the document over to FBI Director James Comey. 

Its contents were made public after intelligence chiefs apparently briefed Trump and Obama on the allegations which were circulating in Russia and elsewhere.

However, none of the claims have been proven and most are strongly denied by the President-elect. 

How the Donald Trump dirty dossier scandal has unfolded

2007: The Ritz-Carlton opens in Moscow

2009: Barack Obama and his family stay there when they travel to the city

2013: Donald Trump visits Moscow to judge the Miss Universe pageant

June 2015: Trump officially announces he is entering the race to become Republican presidential nominee

2015-16: A Republican rival hires an investigative firm to uncover dirt on Trump. By the time work has begun, Trump has won the primary vote but now a Democrat wants the same service

July 2016: A large amount of material has been gathered on Trump based on sources, which is believed to be of huge consequence, if true. The allegations are passed to the FBI

September 2016: The FBI asks for more information but gets no reply

The extraordinary – and entirely unverified – allegations that Donald Trump ordered prostitutes to commit degrading sex acts in the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow are contained in a dossier drawn up by a former British spy

October 28: FBI Director James Comey announces the bureau will be investigating Hillary Clinton over mishandling of confidential emails

October 31: The document on Trump is leaked to David Corn, of the Mother Jones online political magazine who run a piece on the dossier without revealing its details

November 9: Trump is elected President 

Later in November: The documents are mentioned in an intelligence report on Russian interference given to Barack Obama and possibily Trump

November 18: John McCain discovers the contents of the document

December 9: McCain hands the dossier directly to Comey

January 11: CNN publishes the story on Trump, followed by an unredacted version by Buzzfeed



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