Trey Songz performed in our hometown of Chicago last Thursday at the annual Taste of Chicago to a crowd of 300,000. Security was tight, police were everywhere, fans losing their minds and Trey remained calm. After his performance he was ready to go back to his hotel but thousands remained at the event, waiting for Trey to leave. He waved, smiled, and climbed into his SUV but he was trapped. The SUV wasn’t going anywhere. Trey still remained patient but after two-hours, he decided to walk 7 blocks to his hotel while surrounded by security.

Picture Trey walking the streets with young girls screaming, running and trying to get upclose to touch him. Security formed a tight circle around him to ward off fans and they slowly made their way to the hotel with girls falling on the sidewalk outside the hotel, sweating and on their phones to let their friends know they just walked along side Trey.

Check out the video below:

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