Singer Trey Songz, who is still the subject of persistent down low rumors, arrived at Monica’s Album Release party at the Gold Room last night with a chick that none of us are familiar with. So is she from out of town like Ludacris did with his fiancee?  Sometimes it’s better that way because the less people she knows in Atlanta/LA, the less his business gets out.

Does anyone know who she is??

He actually got out of the truck and walked around to the passenger side to open the door for her.

Those sneakers are $500 Lanvin hi tops for men. Those are the same pricey sneakers made famous by First Lady Michelle Obama, who caught much heat last Summer for wearing hers to a charity event.


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  1. Is there a factory for these women? Like a cookie cutter place where they all receive, and why do some guys go through the trouble of buying skinny jeans only to sag them??

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