Friday night Trayvon Martin’s stepmother, Alicia Stanley, spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.


Stanley alleges Trayvon spent 90 percent of his time at the house she shared with Tracey, adding, “I’m the one at all the football games; I’m the one who took care of him when he was sick.” Her role shifted when Trayvon died. Stanley claims she wasn’t allowed to sit in the front row at her stepson’s funeral and has since been shunned by the man she planned to marry.

“They told me to ‘get in where I fit in,” Stanley said with tears in her eyes. “I can’t sit on the front row at my son’s funeral to see him home. That hurt me, that was the most painful thing they could do to me.”

Even though she’s convinced George Zimmerman’s guilty, personally she doesn’t believe that he picked Trayvon out because he was black.

“No, I really don’t think it was Zimmerman don’t like black people, or he picked him out because he was black. Did he profile him with the hoodie and stuff like that as this thug, whatever, walking, in Zimmerman’s mind? Yes, but to say that he targeted him because he was black? No, I don’t–I don’t think so.”

Alicia intentions may be positive, Stanley’s decision will be examined by the public, Tracy and Sybrina.

Gumbumpers, do you thinks Alicia over-step her boundaries?

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