Summer is sadly coming to an end, and we’re all starting to feel that slight crisp hint to the air.

While it’s tough to say goodbye to our Bermuda shorts, some of us are really excited to pull out our scarves and sip pumpkin spiced lattes. So what are the must-have items for fall 2018? Fashion blogger Jenn Haskins of Hello Rigby shares her favorite trends this season.

It’s all about plaid. Plaid is hot, even when paired with a fur trim like the plaid moto-jacket she brought to KING 5 Weekend Mornings (watch the video!)

Anything red. Haskins says red is the color of the season, and it’s incredibly versatile because it looks great on everyone – even redheads.

Shoulder pads. This top trend sends us back to the 1980s. No joke, they’re back. But thankfully, they’re not bigger than ever. Haskins says a slightly structured shoulder is very hip and can be purchased at several thrift stores around the city.

Get some booties. Ankle length sock booties are her favorites because they are comfortable and universal.

For more fashion tips, Jenn Haskins on her blog Hello Rigby or tune into KING 5 Weekend Mornings when she comes back with a full report from New York Fashion Week.

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