R&B singer Toni Braxton recently suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on stage as she performed in New Brunswick.


TMZ obtained footage of the incident, which found Braxton continuing to perform for several seconds without seeming to notice the wardrobe malfunction. Eventually an audience member lent her a sports coat to cover up the exposed region, and the singer continued on without much hesitation.

Several members of Toni’s entourage tried to help her after that, but after all else failed, Toni finally ripped off her dress and finished the show in her fan’s suit jacket and a sparkly nude body suit.

What do YOU think, Gubmumpers,  would you be embarrassed?


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  1. As a performer they expect for things to go wrong. Nothing is perfect. It’s how you respond to the incident and to me Toni has so much class that she knows how to flow with it. No need to be embarrased about a beautiful body anyway! KUDOS TONI! You handled it with class!

    And big ups to the guy who offered his jacket to shield her. LOVE IT!

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