If you’ve been watching this season of Braxton Family Values then you already know that the Braxton’s just can’t seem to come together as one, which isn’t that shocking since this has been a recurring theme each season. The only one out of the bunch that seems to be drama free and the peacemaker is Toni Braxton, but it looks like Toni has been bottling some things in. On the season finale, Toni had everyone’s mouth on the floor when she told her family members that if they weren’t blood, she wouldn’t even mess with them. Now I’m sure we all have had our fair share of issues with our family members, but did Toni go too far? Would you have done this off camera?

Toni made the shocking revelation at the roundtable with Iyanla Vanzant. “I’m confessing that although I love my family, most of the time I don’t like my family,” she said. She made it loud and clear that her comment was directed to all of her family members.

“I feel like I’m angry at everybody in my family, I don’t like my family. If they weren’t my family they wouldn’t be my friends,” she continued. You could definitely tell everyone was in disbelief when the camera panned around. 

This season was definitely one for the books with all the chaos that went down. If you remember the show got off to a rough start when all the sisters, besides Traci Braxton, decided to walk out and not film anymore scenes until their contracts got renegotiated. What went down after that was sad to watch because the sisters, besides Toni, really weren’t messing with Traci and left producers scrambling to keep the show together. They brought in Phaedra Parks from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ and Flavor Flav and Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard from “Flavor of Love” and few other celebrities as well until all the ladies returned to work.

The roundtable sit down with Iyanla has been off the chain, with people walking out, and on a preview for Thursday’s episode Tamar and Iyanla even got into it.

“You really don’t quit with this name-calling,” Tamar said Iyanla. “I’m not here for that. ‘I now want to be seen?’ You really gotta watch your mouth … who talks to me like that? Who talks to anybody like that?”

“I do, I do,” Iyanla said as Tamar spoke over her. “Because I love you. I love you. I love you.”

“I ain’t talking to you like that,” Braxton continued. “You want to be seen and now you’re being abusive ’cause you’re cutting me off. Now your attitude is abusive. You’re abusive sis.”

The two ended up going back and forth before Tamar’s mom stepped in and shut down Tamar down.

“Wait a minute!” Evelyn Braxton yelled. “Calm down.”

Looks like tonight’s episode is going to be real JUICY!! 

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