Our deep voice, diva-fied songstress known to the world as Toni Braxton graces the cover of Bleu magazine. The recently divorced, mother of two looked quite stunning on the cover.

According to the latest reports this week, Toni is neck deep in financial problems yet again. U.S. tax officials have filed a massive lien against the singer and her estranged husband Kerri Lewis. Her bankers are also claiming she is behind in mortgage and loan repayments. Ms Braxton is certainly no stranger to financial difficulties. And it’s sad that she’s still going through.

10 years ago, she owed $3.9 million to creditors and was forced to sell everything, including her Grammies, to pay off the debts. And just last year, she was wanted by the state of California for allegedly owing nearly $80,000 in back taxes. Seems like Ms. Braxton needs to fire her publicist, her accountant and anyone else dealing with how her finances are being handled and publicly spread…. Womp, womp, womp!

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