Like Janet Jackson another singer experienced a wardrobe malfunction on stage and this time it was singer Toni Braxton. Welp, Toni’s was a little different… lol — it wasn’t on PRIMETIME and it was her rear that was exposed. Toni was performing for an audience in New Jersey when the mishap occurred.

Toni Braxton 'Bumps Gums' On Wardrobe Mishap That 'Exposed' Her 'Derriere'

Like Beyonce, Toni kept on singing — which is truly ‘professional.’ At first she wasn’t even aware of what was going on behind her — until someone finally came and covered her with a suit jacket.

Toni Braxton 'Bumps Gums' On Wardrobe Mishap That 'Exposed' Her 'Derriere'

toni rear



“It [took] a few minutes,” to realize what was going on. I was dancing doing the one-two and I kind of thought, ‘Are my [breasts] exposed? I am feeling air.’ I remember that distinctly, so that’s why I held the top of the dress but then I realized the whole dress was coming apart. The whole dress just fell apart on stage!”

She finally ditched the dress and opted to wear just the jacket, but not before revealing she was wearing a skin-colored bodysuit that covered everything else.

“I had a bodysuit on but it was very skimpy,” she noted. “Little tricks of the trade. I can’t deny I was uncomfortable, but I made it work and the audience kind of laughed and it turned into a burlesque show. I should have charged more for the tickets. Who knew?”


Peep the footage:

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