Last Thursday, Donald Trump revealed that #Patriots quarterback #TomBrady called to congratulate him on being sworn in as president. The thing is, during a week of press interviews, Brady distanced himself from Trump and a voided questions related to his alleged phone call. When he was asked whether or not he called Trump, he repeated the question and then totally avoided answering it. “Let’s talk about football stuff,” he said.

During an interview on Kirk & Callahan today, Brady actually confirmed that he has been friends with the president for the past 16 years and that they do have occasional phone calls. “Sometimes he calls me. Sometimes I call. But, again, that’s been someone I’ve known,” Brady said. “I always try to keep it in context because for 16 years you know someone before maybe he was in the position that he was in. He’s been very supportive of me for a long time. It’s just a friendship.”

The hosts did point out that viewers might associate the quarterback with a misogynistic racist to which he replied, “I don’t want to get into it, but if you know someone, it doesn’t mean you agree with everything they say or they do.” He continued, “You have a lot of friends in your life. I think there are things that are based in your own dealings with someone that is a personal dealing, not a public dealing. Because you have personal experiences.”

*sips tea* We know the Super Bowl is coming up and you don’t need any distractions, but sheesh!

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