Tokyo Vanity is a fan-favorite on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” for her realness, comedy and attitude.

So people on social media know that Tokyo is not one to play with because ya girl WILL clapback, which is exactly what she did when someone was in the comments of this post.

See, Tokyo was just trying to get her dance on and show the people of the Gram a little sumthin sumthin. And then a commenter decided to say something about her weight, which is something people and friends have pointed out from time to time.

Tokyo is well aware and proud of her thicker frame but she acknowledges that she’d like to get healthy and those who are close to her also want her to get healthier.

A commenter still decided to say something about it and let me tell you, Tokyo is fed up.

Tokyo handled that but she’s is still trying to make changes for the better. Her fellow “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” castmate Sierra got into a little scuffle with Tokyo over wanting her friend to do better.

In the episode, Tokyo ended up getting physical with Sierra and things went left real fast.

But before y’all go thinking things are all bad, the ladies later made up and Tokyo showed some maturity by making the first move.

Tokyo took to Instagram to write a lengthy apology to her good friend.

Sierra accepted Tokyo’s apology and the ladies are all good!


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