#Roommates, while kids can do some of the cutest things, they can also do some things that will leave you speechless. A Utah couple recently got a surprise when they realized their 2-year-old son shredded their money.


Now if you’re like me, you’re definitely wondering how in the world can a 2-year-old shred paper, let alone money?! According to @WashingtonPost, it apparently wasn’t that hard for him!


It seems a couple by the name of Ben and Jackie Belnap left an envelope with over $1k in their room and noticed it was mysteriously missing. Every year the football fans would save up so that they could go to University of Utah football games. As soon as they noticed the money was missing, they started searching all over the house for the cash!


Ben told #News4Utah that he was even digging in the kitchen garbage hoping they had accidentally thrown the envelope containing all the money away. Until he hears his wife say “I found it!”


She was by their shredding machine and took out the tiny, little pieces of money their son Leo left behind. Apparently, Leo had been having fun helping his mom shred junk mail just days earlier and apparently wanted to keep the fun going.


When reflecting on what just happened, Jackee said: “As devastated and as sick as we were, this was one of those moments where you just have to laugh.”


The good news though is not all hope is lost, apparently in situations like this you just need to take your coins to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for examination and they can reimburse the money you lost.

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