photo RileyCurry2015NBAFinalsGameSixJ69G8BUdK0Ol.jpg would like to wish all of the fathers around the world a Happy Father’s Day! Come inside to celebrate a few YBF celeb dads we love….

Happy Father’s Day! is celebrating all of our YBF dads all over the world today, giving shine to ALL the fabulous dads who are setting good examples for their children.

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re saluting the leading men in their industries, including professional athletes, musicians, singers, rappers, actors…but most importantly DADS.

2015 NBA MVP Steph Curry and his 2-year-old daughter Riley Curry have melted our hearts this NBA season with their daddy-daughter cuteness. It’s easy to see Steph plays a huge role in little Riley’s life and that she absolutely loves her dad to pieces.

As he gears up to become a dad again (less than 2 months left), the 2015 NBA champion, recently spoke about how being a dad pushes him that much harder to be the best player he can be on the court. During a post-game interview he said,

“Being a father kind of gives you something more to play for,” he said. “I think off the court, it just grounds you every day, because no matter if I have a good game, bad game, score 40, score 10, I think my daughter’s going to be happy to see me when I get home, and that kind of makes everything all right.

So I rarely ever have a bad day, regardless of what happens on the court. It just gives you something more than basketball to kind of play and live for, and it’s pretty special. Obviously, every father would say pretty much the same thing about what their daughter or son means to them and how they impact their life.”

Aww…so cute.

President Barack Obama is spending his Father’s Day golfing with a few of his high school buddies, while First Lady Michelle Obama and his daughters Sasha and Maila Obama jet back from their European visit. In an essay written by our Commander in Chief for MORE magazine, he shares how being the leader of the free world has actually helped him become a better father. He writes,

“People often ask me whether being President has made it more difficult to spend time with Michelle and our girls, But the surprising truth is that being in the White House has made our family life more ‘normal’ than it’s ever been.”

He adds: “My staff knows that it pretty much takes a national emergency to keep me away from that dinner table. Like many parents of high school juniors who are excitedly touring college campuses, I’m already dreading that empty seat at the table when Malia goes off to school next fall. For as long as possible, I’m going to enjoy every minute of finally having us all together under one roof.”

Loves it.

Rapper Meek Mill penned an open letter to his 4-year-old son, whom he affectionately calls Papi, in TIME magazine for Father’s Day. The Philly native writes,

As a father, now I get to give my son the life I never had. Being able to give him anything he wants is one of the best feelings in the world—but it’s also scary. When you see how much one person can trust you, look up to you, and depend on you, the last thing you want to do is disappoint them. The fact that no one can teach you how to be a father means you are always learning on the job. I love my son with all my heart, and I would do anything for him. It’s a crazy feeling knowing that I will help him become a great man.

Before I leave, I always explain to him that everything I do, I do for him. All the shows, all the nights in the studio, I do with my son in mind. It doesn’t make it any easier, but I’m blessed to be in the financial situation that I’m in. I’m grateful I don’t have to think twice about whether there is going to be food on his table. My son doesn’t have to worry about that the way that I did—nor does the rest of my family. I’m not just a father to my son, but a provider to my whole family. I provide for them not because I have to, but because I want to. They have all been there for me through my highs and lows. They’ve always made sure I was taken care of, and now it’s my turn to take care of them.

Read the rest of his letter here.

Jay Z celebrates Father’s Day with his baby girl Blue Ivy with a special daddy-daughter treat from the ice cream truck.

A few months ago, we learned Chris Brown is the father to a beautiful little girl Royalty. Unfortunately for Breezy, the revelation ended his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Karrueche (since he fathered the child with another woman), but with the lost of his relationship, he gained a new lady in his life, whom he says has changed him forever.

Rapper/designer Kanye West celebrates this Father’s Day with his baby girl North West (who turned 2-years-old last week) as he gears up to be a dad again. His wife Kim Kardashian West is pregnant with their second child together, making Nori a big sister soon.

New dad for the fourth time Terrence Howard has yet another reason to celebrate Father’s Day. The “Empire” star welcomed his fourth child Qirin Love Howard into the world last month with his wife Miranda Howard.

The doting dad recently shared the first pic of his newborn baby boy, sharing his excitement on social media saying, “A mythical 1/2 dragon 1/2 lion who glides above the land so as not to harm even a blade of grass… meet Qirin Love!”

During the 2015 Monte Carlo TV Festival he revealed the birth of his son on the red carpet saying, “He’s beautiful and strong and a whirlwind and my wife is so happy.”

Congrats again!

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