Tisha Campbell has he joined forces with Yoplait to inspire women to eat healthier and be healthier, which, she says, is the ideal partnership. ESSENCE.com caught up with Campbell-Martin to talk family, yogurt and healthy living. The multi-talented actress, who’ll next appear in the kid-friendly TV movie “Lemonade Mouth” and the upcoming series “The Paul Reiser Show,” even cracked herself up a few times.

ESSENCE.com: Congratulations on your partnership with Yoplait! Do you have a favorite flavor yet?
Thank you! Even before Yoplait approached me, I was eating yogurt every single day, so they definitely got the right girl! [laughs] My favorite is French Vanilla and my one-year-old son, Ezekiel, just started eating yogurt, too. He loves Peach.

ESSENCE.com: Your son, Xen, is nine now. How are you shaping a healthy lifestyle for him, and the family?
As a family, we all have different [dietary] needs, so I try to be as creative as possible in the kitchen, especially when I’m preparing Xen’s food. He can have his treats, but he knows that he has certain allergies, too. Also, he was diagnosed with autism, so he doesn’t eat gluten or casein.
ESSENCE.com: It’s safe to say that you’re focused on staying healthy, yes?
[Being in good] health is really important to me. Right now, I’m [battling] a genetic lung disorder called sarcoidosis, which can go into remission. I’m in Stage II and I’m trying to reverse it. I’ve only got one body and I really want to take care of it by working out and eating right.

It might sound a little extreme, but I work out twice a day — cardio in the morning, then sit-ups and body-strengthening in the evening. Also, my husband runs five miles a day and looks like he’s 25 — he’s 45 — so I’m trying to keep up with him! [laughs]

ESSENCE.com: As a mother of two, what have you learned about losing the “baby weight?”
Well, when I get pregnant, I get really pregnant! I’ve also had two C-sections. I weighed 216 after having Xen, but with Ezekiel, I was 270-something — that’s the number I’m sticking to! [laughs]

Once you reach a certain age, I think that how you feel is more important than what the scale says. I’ve actually lost a whole dress size in a month, but I’ve stayed the same, exact weight. So for me, it’s an “inches” game.

ESSENCE.com: Last question — if you were to write a few encouraging words to yourself on the bathroom mirror, what would you say?
Don’t be hard on yourself… every day is a win!

What is sarcoidosis? It’s a disease of unknown cause that leads to inflammation. It can affect various organs in the body. Normally, your immune system defends your body against foreign or harmful substances. For example, it sends special cells to protect organs that are in danger. These cells release chemicals that recruit other cells to isolate and destroy the harmful substance. Inflammation occurs during this process. Once the harmful substance is destroyed, the cells and the inflammation go away.In people who have sarcoidosis, the inflammation doesn’t go away. Instead, some of the immune system cells cluster to form lumps called granulomas (gran-yu-LO-mas) in various organs in your body

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  1. I appreciate Tisha's candor about having Sarcoidosis and using her celebrity to bring Awareness. I also have it and we must do all we individually and collectively can to bring awareness to others as there is currently no known cause or cure!

  2. I, too, am living with this disease (sarcoidosis). I wanted Ms. Campbell to know that I was able to get off the medication after I decided to eat better as well as began a weight lifting program. The weight lifting is a wonderful tool. I wish I could tell everyone who is living with this disease that you can beat it. Just through exercise and good diet.

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