Fans were telling Tiny she was wrong for taking pics with Mayweather this weekend after all hell broke loose with her hubby T.I and Floyd. According to, Tiny is tired of T.I’s bs! Tiny feels If T.I can take thousands of photo’s with different women other than his wife, so can she. Sound like the couple is having the marriage trouble, thats been reported for months now.

ti tiny

Tiny expresses:

“I ain’t put that n***a in sh*t! You see that n***a in the media with different b****hes. Don’t come at me with that sh*t about no pictures with a friend…..f**k you & whoever feel like u!”

Tiny said that being married to the ATL rapper isn’t as peachy as everyone thinks:

“Nicca you should be asking why I put up with him! F**ckutambout!!! U been seeing him in the net time after time on f**k sh*t So f**k you hoe & how you feel! You can shove that respect up yo *ss!”

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