Dozens of people were killed in Egypt Friday when terrorists fired on a bus that was travelling to a monastery in the country, and one of the victims, Tinley Park-native Mohsen Morkous, was remembered in a mass Sunday.

Morkous and several members of his family were on the bus, and eight of them, including Morkous, two of his sons, and his granddaughter, were among the 28 people killed as gunmen attacked the bus that they were riding on.  

“The attackers pointed guns to their heads and asked them if they would denounce Christ and convert to Islam, or they would be killed,” Father Samuel Azmy of St. George Coptic Orthodox Church in Monee said. “They chose to die in the name of Christ.”

Morkous’ wife survived the attack and remains in the hospital, as do several other members of his family. After the devastating attack, which the Islamic State claimed credit for, members of the Morkous family are stunned and looking for answers.

“They had no mercy. They shot the men, children, and women. Everybody,” Morkous’ cousin Gerges told NBC 5.

Some people are still wondering what the fate of their loved ones is, including St. George parishioner Karoes Hana, whose family is travelling in Egypt.

“I’m so worried,” he said. “I keep calling them three times a day to see what is happening.”

After ISIS’ claim of responsibility, Egypt’s Air Force has carried out bombing against militants who were suspected to be involved in the attacks. 

Published 5 hours ago


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