The has been the most talked about moment at the BET Awards. A chick name Tiffany Green  won the opportunity to present BET’s Viewer’s Choice Award during the 2011 BET Awards last night. Instead of announcing the nominees for the award, she squints at the teleprompter and then says “Chris Brown?” Then she feigns total confusion and says “Rihanna?”, and Drake were the winners for “What’s My Name?” Drake accepted the award, saying, “Well that was awkward.” After the embarrassing mixup, host Kevin Hart brought Chris on stage at the end of the show and announced that he was indeed the winner. “Bawling backstage. They totally fu**ed me up,” wrote Tiffany after being bombarded by angry fans.

Gumbumpers, I hope you didn’t believe this, if you watch Terrence J’s face as she calls both names. Looks, he was in on the joke that nobody thought was funny.

I can’t show the video, looks like they’ve snacthed them all down, but hopefully you seen it last night