Singer/Actress Tiffany Evans looks beautiful as she graces this months edition of EDGE Magazine . In the interview Tiffany discusses growing up in the industry, becoming a woman, and more. Check out what Tiffany had to say:

Tiffany on who she is today:
I am a woman. A woman, most importantly. I am someone who is much more experienced and ready to reveal to the world what I’ve been holding in for so long–growth. They haven’t seen that yet.

Why she decided to take a break:
I realized I really needed to go away and grow up. I needed to be able to experience some things so that I could start making music that was more personal instead of what everyone wanted me to do. So I disappeared after my second single, moved to Atlanta and that’s when I formed my relationship with Matthew Knowles.

On her upcoming EP:
It’s truly a body of work. It’s a new beginning for me. It’s my personal truth. It’s starting over and being able to reveal who I am. This EP represents all of that. It’s urban, it’s gritty but you still get those ballads with a lot of knock to them. It’s sexy without doing too much. It’s a little ode to the 90s. A lot of people have asked me if I am afraid to do urban music when everyone is really into dance and pop tracks and honestly, I’m not. I’m staying true to who I am. I’m not afraid to do a pop record either. I don’t limit myself to any genre but what I want to present at the moment is where I am in my life.

Peep the interview here.