What is the world coming too, you got buy a Big Mac, before you can get the key to the bathroom??   Three black men are charging happened to them when they asked to use a bathroom at a Mcdonalds in the Kips Bay neighborhood of Manhattan. Christopher White, Abdul Rasuul and Leroy Johnson allege hat they were told they had to buy when asked to use the restroom.

Meanwhile, they claim, a white woman who did not buy anything was allowed to use the restroom. The men say they suffered “shock, pain, emotional, psychiatric, psychological and mental injuries” as a result of the alleged race-based slight. 

McDonald’s declined to comment, saying it hadn’t seen the suit.

McDonald’s is deciding which customers to let use the restroom based on color or ethnicity, that’s McRacist.Are Latinos neater in public restrooms than Whites? Do Asians always flush? Last I checked, bathroom etiquette had more to do with manners, and manners have nothing to do with race.

I say go to Burger King, where you an have it your way!!


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