Kate Speer wanted to let out a little jiggle ― so she did. 

On May 24, the body positive and mental health advocate posted a video on Instagram which shows herself dancing around ― or as she calls it in the video “jiggling for joy” ― in a bikini and a neon visor.  

“Woooo! It’s hump day and I’m doing a jiggle for joy!” Speer yells as she jumps into frame. “This is your weekly reminder that… you are fabulous.” 

In the caption, Speer wrote: 

I’ve been struggling with my beautiful bod this week (and note, I know I have a thin-privileged, able-privileged, beautiful bod even if I can’t always feel it to be so) and beating it up in my mind and trying to suffocate it with binging.

So, today, I’m posting this even though it is terrifying me to do so (yup, deleted it 7 times).

… My body is MORE than its appearance. My body is NOT my value. My body is simply the vessel for my god damn fabulous self. And no matter what my emotional mind thinks or others say, MY BODY IS PERFECT. MY BODY IS WHOLE. MY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. AND, MY BODY – IN ITS ENTIRETY- IS WORTHY OF LOVE.

“I am here to dance away my PTSD demons, find light in the darkness and celebrate it all no matter if it makes sense or not,” Speer wrote on her website. “Mostly, I am here to love, get silly, find gratitude and spread as much light as I can while still on this planet I have the privilege to call home.”


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