This week on GumBumper we caught up with the newest, freshest, rising fashion designer of Cupcake Mafia – Alycia Giuliani.

In this interview Alycia gives Gumbumper the scoop on her fashion line Cupcake Mafia!

1.     How did you come up with your Cupcake Mafia name?

Cupcake Mafia was established when a few friends were being silly. Somehow it ended up sticking with us, and we loved
it… and it became easy to build a brand around a name we loved so much!

2.     What projects are you currently working on?

We are very excited because there are a few projects in the “baking”. Through collaborative efforts, these are going to
be some of the “tastiest” and freshest goodies we’ve ever baked up. …. Some Icing to enhance the Face, and maybe
something to leave your feet dripping.. We can’t disclose the yummy details just yet… Let’s just say every freshly baked
Cupcake Mafia T can use some exclusive garnishments, and these will undeniably make your mouth water or cure a
sweet tooth!

3.     Who and/or what has inspired you the most?

We are inspired by all things creative and Sweet! Two of our idols that we are most inspired by specifically would be
Johnny Cupcakes and Jeffrey Campbell.

Johnny Cupcakes work ethic is crazy inspiring. He started selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car back in 1989, and
since then has created an empire built upon a work ethic that we cannot help but to admire. His ambition has motivated
us to pursue this brand with passion as our driving force and never losing sight of our goals. We do this for love, not for
money. We can honestly say, we are some of the very few people in the world that can say “I love my Job” .

We also mimic Johnny’s unequivocal approach to representation of and collaborations with the brand. We at Cupcake
Mafia are very careful when choosing projects and collaborations.

The same reason Johnny inspires us correlates with our reason why Jeffrey Campbell does as well. We have learned
a lot from Jeffrey, being as close as we are with him; we have been able to witness the passion and drive, up close and
personal. This man has been working towards a dream for close to twenty years, letting his passion take the reins.His
love for creating the never seen or heard of is intoxicating and admirable. Not only do we love his brand, and him as a
creative, motivational mentor, but we love his work ethic. And that is something we strive to mimic.

4.     What celebrity have you worked on any of your projects?

We work with many sweeties such as Teyana Taylor, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, the OMG Girlz, Kreyshawn, Tae Heckard,
Kamille Leai, Honey Cocaine, and many many more.

5.     Let’s get personal. What are your personal interests and past times?

Skittlez and I have been answering these questions in a collaborative effort, as we do the same for the business.
Everything we do is done as a team, and a lot of our interests and pastimes actually are our work; shared passion for this
brand. As for Skittlez herself, the one thing you know about her, if you met her, is that this girl loves to SHOP! Clothing
and styling is a passion of hers, alongside of the fact that she is a workaholic, so she is constantly handling many things at
once, which doesn’t really give her a lot of personal time. She spends a lot of her time travelling or shopping or spotting
out potential Bakeries to carry Cupcake Mafia all over the world! She loves to handle as many styling clients she can get
too, when not busy with Cupcake Mafia

As for myself (Alycia), I love listening to music, every genre, from underground artists to mainstream commercial
bullshit (lol) Hip Hop though, takes the cake. That’s probably what I listen to most..

I find pleasure in admiring hip hop culture inspired art work, street art, snapbacks (Huge fan of Snapbacks, I like to
think I’m a snapback connoisseur) and clothing. It’s a way to get the creative juices flowing when going to design or
pin point a vibe that I feel would help to further the Cupcake Mafia brand… I actually spend a lot of time drawing up
ideas, it’s a hobby I enjoy and it’s put to good use.

Is it weird to say my favorite pastime would be to laugh? I love to laugh and to make people laugh… laughing is an
instant vacation, and something I try to do often. People are too uptight these days. I’m all about that positive energy;
being grateful, humble, loving, and living in the moment, it’s a good way to never be burdened by stress…

6.     How does someone who wants to design their own clothing line get discovered in the first place?

NETWORK AND MARKET YOUR BRAND. Definitely utilize the tools of social networking; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
etc… Try not to rely so much on other people to get discovered; make it so you can’t go unnoticed. Never allow yourself to
have an excuse why something didn’t get done. Depending on yourself, your ambition and your drive, is what it’s going to
take to make it. Never let someone else tell you different, if you believe in your product, others will too.

7.     So where did your sense of fashion first come from.

Skittlez has a Degree in Fashion but she always used fashion as a way of expression when she was younger. Its
something she has been passionate about for a long time. She someone throws on anything and everyone loves it.

Alyica- I always doodled in school, rarely paid attention, then again I do have the worst ADD ever, lol…anyways back to
the point, I used to draw shoes, and clothes, during class, all the time…I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew
up… When I was younger my Mom would take us to mall with her, so she could go shopping… While she would be in
the fitting room, I was that curious little girl changing up the mannequins, adding a scarf or a hat, to see what pieces of
an outfit would look good together.. One particular time this happened I got caught! I was actually in a Chico’s store in
Chicago, the owner saw me adding/changing clothes on the mannequin, thinking I was going to get in trouble she told me
that she liked my style. She took me around to every mannequin and asked for my suggestions and changed everyone..
When I left she gave me a free hat.I was in my glory…never thought I’d actually be designing and what not now..

8.     Who are some of your favorite designers?

We like to keep it simple; Jeremy Scott, Givency, Jeffrey Campbell, Johnny Cupcakes, Glen Infante from Ilthy.. of course
we can be cliché and say Chanel but we like to support designers that worked hard and are kicking ass at what they do.

9.     How would you define your personal style?

Skittlez: Crazy, Bright, Whatever I put on first is usually what I wear! I don’t have much time to debate, money could be
getting made while im wasting time in the mirror..(giggles)

Alycia: I like simple but eye catching. I don’t wear a lot of accessories, but 70% of the time, I rock a snap back. Dress for
the occasion. Hell, if you ever see me at the Cupcake Showroom though, especially late night, I’m straight scrubbing it..
Huge hoodies, sweatpants and house shoes.. Love working/sleeping guy sweats. Most comfortable thing in the world….

10. How do you select your models?

We are very careful when selecting models. We have a certain criteria that we feel each girl should fill; it’s not necessarily
about how thin or thick she is either. It’s more about how they present themselves, be amazing in style, and an overall
great representation of the brand.

11.  What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Research much and work much more…… Do What you LOVE…. Never give up, and do not let anyone get in the
way of your dreams. The only person in your way is you. If you want it to happen YOU, YOURSELF, will make it

Rapper Kreayshawn

Beauty from OMG Girlz



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