Hey, a girl’s got to eat.

Briseyda Ponce, a 17-year-old from Irving, Texas goes on a run most days. On March 22, her 8-year-old cousin, Allysson Baires, asked if she could jog with her.

“I thought she might of been bored and just wanted to go out,” Briseyda told the Huffington Post.

Allysson Baires getting her jog on.

The two cousins were jogging along when all of a sudden Allysson stopped, busted out a Rice Krispie Treat and began to eat it.

Snack time!

“She always does something random and silly,” Briseyda told HuffPost. “I didn’t really question it.”

She did, however, find the whole situation pretty funny and cute, so she snapped a picture.

Briseyda Ponce

What? This isn’t normal? It should be.

After Allysson had replenished her energy with a delicious snack (relatable), Briseyda figured her young cousin wasn’t that into the idea of jogging and the two decided to walk and talk instead.

During their walk, Allysson told Briseyda her real motive behind wanting to exercise: Kds at her school, including her crush named Hector, had called her fat. Briseyda then explained to Allysson that exercise should be done in order to be healthy ― not because of others’ opinions of you.

The cousins talk it out.

“I told her that beauty isn’t physical,” Briseyda told HuffPost. “And that as long as she is healthy and happy no one’s opinion should matter.”

The talk worked. Allysson soon laughed the whole thing off.

“She brushed it off quickly and honestly doesn’t care anymore,” Briseyda said. “She’s very smart and over the situation.”

Later that day, Briseyda posted photos from the jog, explaining the bittersweet situation:

The post went viral, receiving over 43,000 likes and 12,000 retweets, with many condemning Hector’s comments about Allysson’s body. 

As for other kids who find themselves in a situation similar to Allysson’s, Briseyda has a little advice: “You should never let anyone’s opinion change how you see yourself.”

Those are some solid words to chew over.


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