Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne are expecting a baby girl. This would be the 2nd child for the couple. Adrienne and friends celebrated with a lavish baby shower this weekend in Miami. Gabrielle Union was amongst her family and friends that celebrated with her. They did it the right way by celebrating with a huge party for her baby-girl-on-the-way at the Epic Hotel’s 14th floor Ballroom. Maybe you’ve noticed that Adrienne has been hashtagging about her #ParisianPrincess, so that was the theme of the day. The setting was tons of flowers, Chanel, Eiffel Towers and pics of Chris, Adrienne & their son Jackson.

Adrienne had all her guests make their own perfumes and gave them insane gift bags filled with body products, cakes, cookies and more. As for the prizes for baby shower game winners: Neiman Marcus gift cards! Talk about a party!!

bosh shower

1bosh shower

2bosh shower

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